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Digital image correction, enhancement, altercation or correction: photograph air brushing, electronic portrait painting, digital illustration—such as logo images, signs, banners, GIFS—creation... Writing advertisement text ‘ad copy’: freelance writing assignments. Websites: Internet preparation of images and website materials; production of new website pages or correction of existing website pages (image adjustments, etc.)



Send an introduction—an e-mail briefing/query—explanation about what is the digital image, writing or website development work needing consideration for service to receive a cost efficiency and feasibility estimate reply...


Charges are $25-$75 per one image or item (photograph, illustration, GIF, logo, photographic portrait painting, webpage, etc.); this is an estimate based upon any request for only one item (such as an image or a webpage) to be rendered: each additional item would lower the overall per one item fee.


'Work For Hire': copyrights (intellectual property ownership) belongs exclusively to the customer; payment for services can be US (currency) USPS money orders, cash or (electronically) 'Gift Rocket'.



[Gift Rocket payments apply as a credit to American Express TYF card account: payment is in advance left untendered until conformation of (3) three digital file (final edits) is completed; the Gift Rocket service fee of ($3.25) will be deducted from the total balance owed.]



1. For each one photographic image the customer gets (3) three '.jpg' versions: 'casual' 'professional' 'evening glamour'.


2. The limit to edits is (2) two per illustration or art rendering (.jpg)


3. The customer must be specific about the sizes needed or wanted per one (.jpg) version.


4. Any photograph (s) submitted for 'fotoshoptyfying' must be the original size (s) or not already cropped and previously sized.


5. Adobe PSD, PNG, AI editing files can be included (if requested) for each item with no extra charge; FLA editing files are not included in Flash Professional project purchase orders.



[POMO or cash payment requires a 50% deposit to start the work/project and the balance is due upon confirmation of the work being acceptably received. Deposits are non-refundable.]



Again: a (written electronic mail) synopsis must first be presented to tyfx2000@hotmail.com for (estimate) assessment of the cost or other feasibility issues regarding a photograph, illustration, GIF creation or writing service project.



[TYF's private residence is not an open to the public facility: (Mohave County) Kingman AZ DBA 2017 'FOTOSHOP By TYF' (license '16119') is limited to digital image services only. If telephoning: please be specific about the nature of any inquiry.]



 Link After Before Fotoshoptyf



Telephone “TYF”: (858) 455-0559



No images of persons under the age of eighteen (18) will be considered: please do not send any photographs or items for query prior to sending a written e-mail synopsis of what is the work being requested or suggested for an estimate.



[Note: I’ve maintained a website online since 1999; my work online is both entertaining and (fyt4-ever.info) helpfully informative for public and civil well being. I’ve been dedicated to advancing my own Adobe CS5—specifically Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver—skills during the past three (2014-2017) years; my level of achievement is now properly ‘professional’.


The 'rocky' image on the left (bottom of the page) was reduced from (44.444 inches) 3200 pixels height x (38.889 inches) 2800 pixels width (after cropping); the rocky image on the right (bottom of the page) was cropped/reduced from (44.444 inches) 3200 pixels height x (50 inches) 3600 pixels width...


It's amazing they look this good; full size is beautiful but after FOTOSHOPtyf enhancement, crop and reduction preparation for a Internet website page: these are still interesting enough for a looky loo, thank you.


And then the same images (bottom of the page) without FStyf altercation (other than the application of Adobe Photoshop 'Extended' CS5 'save for web and devices' 'bicubic sharper' image size reduction). If wondering?


I do bring in noses, eyes, feet, hands, neck, hair and even smiles from other images (if necessary) or draw (example: foot-ankle-shoe 'Train Flash' below) an original feature to render the best enhancement.



FStyf Train Flash No FStyf Train Flash



For a series of photographs taken at a same time: a smile might be endearing in one with a shadow that causes nose blur to an ugly pig-snouted look; a captured near perfect body shot has one foot cut-off or out of the image...]



Ms. Twilah Yvonne Freberg: ('Snail Mail') PO Box 6309; Kingman AZ 86402-6309


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